Photo from San Fran 2013

☐ Improve your health through natural, whole foods

☐ Improve your health by incorporating essential oils into your life

☐ Boost your energy and mood

☐ Recover more quickly from and help treat specific medical conditions

☐ Prepare satisfying and unprocessed meals like your grandmother would have made

☐ Learn the right foods for your dietary restrictions

☐ Shop for your health

☐ Integrate the benefits of therapeutic cooking

☐ Host cooking classes for family and friends

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then Eat, Nourish, Thrive is for you. Allow me the privilege of helping you improve your body and mind through healthful cooking and food consultation and essential oils. I’ll show you how to use organic, nutrient-rich ingredients that are both delicious and healing.

I’m happy to shop for you or a family member, or to give your refrigerator and pantry a makeover. Let’s get rid of processed, high-fructose foods and stock up on cilantro, kale, red quinoa, berries and dark chocolate.

Laurie-LevyHave you considered planning a memorable dinner for your friends and colleagues? No need to be intimated by cooking for a group. Based upon your needs, I can help you plan a colorful and tasty menu. Or we can take it one step further. Let me cook the dinner while you enjoy your guests. I’ll handle all the preparation, cooking, and of course, the cleanup. Every guest will receive copies of the recipes and nutritious facts about the ingredients. Have it your way.

Visit my site to learn more about my therapeutic cooking, classes, and food consultation.